BREATHE programme for patients with chronic lung conditions



BREATHE  is a flexible programme of exercise and education for all patients with chronic lung conditions who feel they are functionally limited by their lung condition or who are at risk of this happening in the future.

Patients with COPD, bronchiectasis, fibrosis, breathing pattern disorders, lung cancer and asthma can access the BREATHE programme on referral from their GP, Practice Nurse, Medicines Management Pharmacist or any Allied Health Professional.

The aim of the breathe programme is to improve your understanding of their disease, teach you how to manage your disease successfully using facilities local to you and reduce dependence on hospital facilities, helping you to work out ways to achieve or maintain the best possible quality of life

Breathe Options:
The Breathe programme offers a maximum of 8 weeks of supervised exercises but every patient is offered an initial consultation with a specialist chest physiotherapist and an exercise physiologist as well as a final review after completing the programme.  You can choose to attend a combination of exercise and education, education only or exercise alone.
You can also choose from a menu of education sessions which includes:

  • Exercise and your chest health
  • Managing breathlessness
  • Managing stress, anxiety and activities of daily life
  • Managing your chest condition
  • Medicines management of your chest
  • Nutrition and your chest health
  • Support for your chest condition
  • Your environment and your chest

Those unable to commit to a full programme can also choose to attend the consultation session and use that for disease education, chest clearance, breathlessness management or for a home exercise programme.

 Day of the week

Venue address

BREATHE class time


Walton Corner Stone, 2 Liston Street, Walton, L4 5RT

The Breckfield Gym, Mere Lane, Anfield, L5 4QT

12.30 – 2.30pm

2 – 4pm

 Tuesdays Ellergreen Community Centre, Ellergreen Road, Norris Green, L11 2RY

2 – 4pm

 Wednesdays Oakvale Church, Edge Lane Drive, Broadgreen, L13 4AD

2 – 4pm


Ropewalks Health Centre, 28 Argyle Street, L1 5DL

Therapies Department, Thomas Drive, Broadgreen, L14 3PE

11 am – 1pm

1.30 – 3.30pm (Ambulance patients)

2.30 – 4.30 (Own transport patients)


Bridge Chapel Centre, Heath Road, Allerton, L19 4XR

Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre, 75 South Parade, Speke, L24 2SF

1 – 3 pm

12.30 – 2.30pm

If you would like to be referred for this scheme, please ask for a referral from your nurse or doctor.

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