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Sick notes

First, check that you need sick note

Employees only need a doctors’ note (now called ‘Fit Notes’) for illnesses lasting more than seven days. 

This government web page explains more.

Please don’t request sickness certification for illness lasting seven days or less.  

Can the doctor give me a backdated sick note?

Backdated notes can only be given by a doctor based on a previous assessment.  Government guidance on this case be found on the first page of this document. 

Do I need a ‘return to work’ note?

No.  This is clearly stated in this government guidance for employers and line managers. 

Notes for treatment in hospital 

If you are off work for more than seven days for an illness that has been treated in hospital, either as an inpatient, an outpatient, or in A+E, then you should obtain a note from the hospital doctor responsible for your care.  


There is a separate page on the Student section of our website, giving details about Student sickness certification.

‘Fit notes’

If, having read the above information, you feel you do need a note from the GP regarding your fitness to work, these are called ‘Fit notes’ (formerly Med 3).  If it is for a problem that we don’t need to see you face to face for, for example an ongoing problem that we’re already aware of, you should be able to request the note using eConsults via the links towards the bottom of this page.  Otherwise you will need to make an appointment.  

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Published on Thu, 10 Feb 2022 18:50:56 GMT
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